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RESPECT: A UK Musical Tribute to Aretha Franklin

When RESPECT: A UK Musical Tribute to Aretha Franklin asked to use  >Teleprompter.video, we were pleased to be able to help out. We lent them two SM24.V 24 inch teleprompter. The above pictures were taken during the gig and show how easily >Teleprompter.video dovetailed with the band's existing stage monitors.

The event was presented by The Grace Notes and the Motown Pirates and took place in Event Square, Falmouth as part of the town's Oyster festival. The Musical Tribute line up featured Ley Adewole, Liz Ashton and Phoebe Jane, together with the All Star Band and Falmouth Community Gospel Choir.

We hear from the Motown Pirates' Engineer that the sell-out event was a huge success and a fitting tribute to Aretha Franklin. He said:

The event was a hugely successful sell-out with fans queuing to get in. Liz Ashton, of the Motown Pirates, thought that Teleprompter.video was an absolutely fantastic addition to the set up. The gig was put together with just 4 weeks' rehearsal, so not having to worry about remember lyrics was a great asset for the lead vocalists.

We love this photo showing the clarity provided by our touring ready > Teleprompter.video – set up to meet the exact requirements of the vocalists.

Teleprompter on stage Aretha Franklin tribute


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