>Teleprompter.video SM-V Range

The Original >Teleprompter.video, the SM-V covert stage video monitor range features high quality commercial display panels and is available in sizes ranging from 24″ to 40″ as standard.


All our teleprompter products have the following connections, (all connections are by Neutrik an industry standard):

  • 1x HDMI in/out
  • 1x SDI 3G(BNC)
  • 1x SDI 3G Loop (BNC)
  • 2x powerCON True1 (Input and output)
  • Custom option are available (please call for more information)

Display Dimensions

We only use the best commercial display panels giving the product the best image and the best reliability.

Built in Signal Conversion allowing SDI in to HDMI out or HDMI in to SDI out.

  • 17″ Full HD
  • 24″ Full HD
  • 28″ Full HD
  • 32″ Full HD or UHD 4k
  • 40″ Full HD or UHD 4k
  • Custom size and screens can be used (please call for more info)

Hardware & Build

All unit are constructed as follows:

  • 15mm Birch Plywood
  • 4mm Clear protective display cover
  • Rubber feet on base and one end
  • Tophat with 35mm and M20 point for portrait mounting.
  • Finished in hard wearing black stain and pro paint. (custom colours are available)
  • Apt-GB logo cut in to back (custom logo can be cut in)